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Rohetgarh is the fortified desert home of the descendants of the 16th century Rathore of the Champawat clan, Thakur Dalpat Singh I. Generations of valiant noble-men have built this heritage home where, notwithstanding the inroads of modernity, aristocratic values are respected. The visitor of today experiences the famed warmth of courteous Rajput hospitality.

Brilliantly plumed peacocks strut about, perching themselves under finely carved stone archways and the wind whispers through the neem tree groves and bougainvilleas. Within these time weathered walls lies an oasis of landscaped gardens and flowers in bloom - your Oasis in the arid land of Marwar.

Rohet is an evergreen Oasis, has linked its blue-green lakeside environs to a perennial stream which irrigates the desert lands of Jodhpur. Rohet is a warm fortified home still alive with a tradition of enviable cuisine and customs. At Rohet you'll truly feel that you are the first outsider to have arrived there. And, as Rohet draws you, linking you to its heart, it will bind you to a point of not wanting to leave. Your hosts will be none else than the 12th descendants of the first rulers who sat on the Rohet throne.

A small but quaint village, Rohet is home to several artisans, and visitors can also visit Bishnoi settlements with their scrubbed homes and flamboyantly dressed & bejeweled women.

Horse safaris :

Rohet Garh Horse safaris are organized i
Horse safaris - Rohetgarhn the Marwar region of Rajasthan. Its semi-desert environment serves as an enchanting backdrop to the rich colors of the people of different ethnic communities. The history of Marwar, expressed is an enigma of valour, battle and chivalry, is inseparable from the from the mount. The pride of the region is the horse, the "Marwar". That has been bred over centuries of royal patronage.

The carefully rared pedigree is acclaimed for its stamina, and endurance against the harsh rigours of desert terrain and extreme demands of the climate. Celebrated in poetry,legends and lore of the region describe Princes and Warriors astride the steed in glorious battle, in that rare indefati
gable spirit that is a heritage of the people, even to this day.

Rohetgarh offers a variety of Safaris, which provide both splendid riding exercise, and the means to witness authentic places of scenic and touristic interest. One also enjoy wildlife, surprisingly abundant in this area. Well-bred horses that are a pleasure to ride, carry you across this enchanting desert landscape

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