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About Rajasthan

Population 56.5 million (2001)
Density of population 165 per sq km (2001)
Urban Population 23.38 per cent of population (2001)
Literacy Rate 61 per cent
Languages Spoken
Hindi and Rajasthani are the principal languages prevalent in the State. English is the preferred business language.
Major Religion
Majority are Hindus. Jains also form a sizeable part of the population. Other religions also include Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs
Land Area 3,42,239 sq km (1,32,139 sq miles)
Time Zone  GMT + 5 1/2 hours


North-western India shares an international border with Pakistan and domestic borders with Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. It lies between 23 degree 3' and 30 degree 12', north latitudes and 69 degree 30' and 78 degree 17', east longitudes.

About Rajathan

Rajasthan is one of the most fascinating regions of the world, one of its oldest civilizations with an extremely rich cultural heritage. Today, it is one of India's top performing regional economies. In 1999-2000, Rajasthan was the fastest growing state in the country with a compounded annual growth rate of 9.18 per cent.

Rajasthan, a land of princes, palaces and preening peacocks is renowned for its monuments, art and culture that go back to several centuries. Admire a range of miniature paintings and frescoes of exquisite refinement. There is romance in Rajasthani's forts and palaces and arts ofgallantry retold in ballads and legends. Then there are sanctuaries sheltering rich and varied species of flora and fauna. And the shimmeringThar desert belt charms with a rare and amazing sight. Rajasthani's are ahandsome people with colorful costumes. They express themselves in colorand sound not easily seen or heard anywhere else in the country. Rajasthanoverwhelms with colour found in bustling bazaars; in wide ranging costumes of its people; in streets where elephants and camels vie with buses and cars. The irresistible gamut of art and handicraft souvenirs will bewitch you. An exciting variety of Rajasthani delicacies will pamper your palate with a never-before gastronomic delight.


The common people in Rajasthan are a bunch of hard working, simple and god-fearing people. They respect women and treat their guests as gods and that makes Rajasthan the safest place to visit in India. Though they belong to the different segments of the society but respect each other's religious beliefs and sentiments that gives a harmonious blend to its culture.
People in Rajasthan prefer to wear bright clothes with the lavish use of silver zari work and gota. Tribal and nomadic women are known for their love for exquisitely designed silver jewelry that add to their charm.
Rajasthan has produced some of the most talented people who have carved a niche for themselves in different fields. Be it sports, economy, politics, entertainment or business, people belonging to Rajasthan can be seen at the top levels.


Music and dance are closely interwoven in the lifestyle of the people of Rajasthan. All the regions of Rajasthan offer its distinct varieties of folk entertainment. The dance styles and traditional songs vary from one region to another. A variety of musical instruments are also used that add to the diversity of its music and dances.
A variety of dances and songs practiced in Rajasthan include :
Gair Dance
Kacchi Ghodi
Fire Dance
Puppet Dance


In the land of sand and scrub, people have found not discomfort but faith. It has given them a positive radiance and the mettle to create a life that is celebration of their energies and beliefs. Every village, home and faith in Rajasthan has its own deities, beliefs and places of worship.

The religious kaleidoscope in Rajasthan is truly amazing! The chanting of Jain hymns, the ritual festivities of Bhils, the religious ceremonies of the Rajputs and the Muslim month of mourning - all paints Rajasthan as a truly Indian place where all religions are practiced and respected. Countless places of religious importance that are spread across the length and breath of Rajasthan make it a fascinating destination.


Fairs & Festivals in Rajasthan are a magnificent spectacle of dance, drama and music. The various fairs & festivals in Rajasthan are observed through traditional songs, folk dances, colorful processions, devotional music and breathtaking display of firework. A list of major fairs & festivals observed in Rajasthan include :
Elephant Festival
Gangaur Festival
Pushkar Fair
Desert Festival
Baneshwar Fair
Urs Fair


The typical rural bazaars of Rajasthan offer the best of products. The bazaars have successfully retained their charm through the medieval time and that makes them a totally distinct place to explore. Though some impact of western culture can be seen here but it only makes them a much more interesting place. Rural bazaars offer exotic trinkets, beads, bangles, old tribal silver jewelry and a comprehensive range of handcrafted items. Most of the bazaars are segmented product wise that will make your shopping a memorable experience.


Rajasthan is a shopper's dream come true. It offers so much variety of different items that can cater to the most avid shopper. The markets in Rajasthan spill with countless variety of products that carry a charm of their own. A variety of products that are specifically available in Rajasthan include:
Colorful textiles & Fabrics
Handcrafted items
Exquisite silver jewelry
Blue pottery
Dhurries & Carpets

Airports : Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Jaisalmer.

The climate of Rajasthan varies from semi-arid to arid. The mercury touches 49 degrees centigrade at some places during summer and drops below freezing point during winter. Though the average annual rainfall ranges between 200-400 mm, it is as low as 150 mm in extreme arid zones and as high as 1,000 mm in the south-eastern part of the State. Most of the rainfall (60-80%) is received with the south-west monsoon in the period from July to September. The average number of rainy days vary from 6 to 42, depending on the aridity of the area.


Rajasthan offers a breathtaking variety of art & craft that make it a distinct place. It can be divided into these parts

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